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Attack 115 Delivered

District 7 Fire Rescue, in conjunction with Texas Intrastate Fire Mutual Aid System (TIFMAS), is proud to announce the addition of Attack 115 to Station 115. This Type 3 engine will add to the impressive arsenal of brush trucks in use at District 7 Fire Rescue.

Attack 115 was awarded to District 7 by TIFMAS which is the intrastate organization that oversees a majority of the Wildland firefighting force in the state of Texas. Each year TIFMAS chooses a select few departments to award a new brush truck. The decision is based on several factors but is heavily influenced by the the department's involvement with Wildland firefighting deployments. This year District 7 is proud to be one of the recipients of a TIFMAS funded Type 3 Brush Truck.

District 7 has become a mainstay when it comes to Wildland deployments over the years and has become a recognizable asset throughout the state. Deploying from the Rio Grande, to Louisiana, and even to California, District 7 has shown a pattern of hard work and dedication to protecting life and property.

This 500 gallon, 4-wheel drive, high-clearance truck will give the firefighters of District 7 the ability to bring suppression capabilities to the hard to reach areas of the hill country of South Texas and anywhere else it is needed. The larger chassis of Attack 115 also gives the firefighters the ability to carry more equipment such as chainsaws, axes, and scraping tools to assist with the fire attack.

Attack 115 will be housed at Station 115 on Galm Rd. and will assist local departments with any grass or wildfire, and will also assist in TIFMAS responses when necessary.


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