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What are the Wildfire Conditions Around the State?

In Texas, we witness extreme shifts with wild fire potential throughout the state. From long draughts and dry lightning, to flash floods and hurricane conditions, Texas has seen it. The chart to the right will illustrate the current Wildland weather conditions throughout the state of Texas.


Can I burn today?

The county will change the burning recommendations everyday based on the weather conditions for the day. To get the most up-to-date information you can go to their website or call 210-335-0300.

What items are prohibited from burning?

The Bexar County Fire Marshall has banned certain items from being burned due to their effect on the environment and fumes that can be created. Some of these items include:Treated construction waste, household garbage, tires, rubber or plastic products, heavy oils, fiberglass products, and oil based materials.

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What is District 7's Plan for a Major Fire in our Area?

At District 7 Fire Rescue, we pride ourselves in being prepared for any situation we can be faced with. By click on the image to the left, you can find a copy of our Community Wildfire Protection Plan. This plan goes over the threats in our area along with our strategy to combat those risks and how we plan to attack a large local fire.

Why are District 7 Brush Trucks hundreds of miles away?

District 7 is a very active member in the Texas Interstate Fire Mutual Aid System otherwise known as TIFMAS. This program provides grants, training and qualifications and mobilization systems to make statewide use of local resources. When the state is facing large fires or severe threats, "Strike Teams" are formed and sent wherever they are needed.

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Program Leadership

Division Chief Estevan Marquez

Captain Edward Huron

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