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District 7 Fire & Rescue

Protecting Northwest
Bexar County since 2006
Fire Station-11.jpg


Minimize loss of life and property while providing fire suppression and emergency medical services to the residents of Bexar County District 7. To continually enhance the fire Department and promotion of fire safety and prevention through education.

"Courage is resistance to fear,

                         mastery of fear, not absence of fear."

                                          -Mark Twain

Coverage Area

Coverage Map-page-001.jpg

The map to the left shows the coverage area for District 7 Fire Rescue. District 7 shares boarders with multiple municipalities and other ESDs. The area colored in light green is the area that District 7 protects. The area at the top of the map (east) is covered by Station 116 while area on the bottom (west) is covered by Station 115. For a higher quality image of the map click here.

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