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Do I have to wear a mask?

Yes. As of June 22nd, everyone in Bexar county is required to wear a face covering while in public.

How Do I Keep My Family Safe?

There are multiple actions people can take to keep themselves and their families safe. First, limit unnecessary contact with those outside of your immediate family. Second, practice good hygiene including fequent hand washing and sanitizing. Also, wear a face covering whenever in public and try to comply with social distancing practices.

Why Should I Wear a Mask if I Heard it Does Not Protect Me From the Virus?

This has been a rather hot topic on social media since major cities have started to mandate face coverings while in public. It is true that some face coverings may be insufficient in protecting you from contracting the virus. However, face coverings can dramatically lower the risk of the person wearing the mask from spreading the virus to someone else. It is important to wear these masks not because it protects YOU, but it protects everyone from you. If everyone complies with this rule we can dramatically slow the spread of the virus.

Why Did the Paramedics Enter My Neighbor's Home in Hazmat Suits?

District 7 Fire-Rescue personnel have been instructed to take every possible contact with a COVID-19 positive patient very seriously. This means every respiratory emergency call District 7 responds to the personel will don proper protective gear to protect them from contracting the virus. This protective gear includes: goggles, N-95 mask, gloves, and a medical gown.

Is The Nasal Swab The Only Test For Covid-19?

No, there is a new oral swab test that has been implemented at many testing sites including Freeman Colliseum. This test is self-administered and involves collecting a saliva sample from your mouth after coughing multiple times. More instructions will be given when test is administered.

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