The best job in the world. These words are echoed throughout the fire service. The camaraderie that comes with this career path is unrivaled. Choosing a life in the fire service is a big decision but one of the most rewarding one can make in a lifetime. Dedicating one's life to protecting life and property of your neighbors takes both humility and courage, If you choose to make this dedication, we would like to talk to you.

So You Want to Be a Firefighter.

Congratulations, this is the best job in the world. You must understand that these jobs are not handed out, they must be earned. Although this will be process will test you, it is not impossible. We have put together a list of steps to help you navigate through the beginning stages of your career.

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Step 2: Work on your Certifications

Most of our hiring processes require certain certifications to be considered for the opening. We require both Firefighting Certifications along with Medical Certifications. Information about certifications can be found below.

Firefighter I/II

To be a firefighter in the state of Texas, you must receive your Firefighter I/II and Haz Mat Awareness and Operations certificates from the Texas Commission of Fire Protection. This is achieved by attended a state approved fire academy at your local department or at a local community college.

Emergency Medical Technician

Another mandatory certificate in the state of Texas is the EMT certification through the Texas Department of State Health Services. To obtain this certification you must complete an accredited EMT class, like the one hosted at District 7, and pass the state practical and written exams.


Paramedic is the next level of care in the Emergency Medical Services world. Paramedics are trained in advanced practices that include: IV administrations, EKG interpretation, and emergency pharmacology. Achieving this certification makes you a much better candidate for employment. This certification can be earned at local Community Colleges and Universities.

Step 3: Improve Physical Fitness

Firefighting is a physically demanding job. The fire scene is an ever changing environment and you must be ready to adapt and overcome to any situation. Our hiring process includes a physical abilities test. This test includes multiple fire ground focused activities and guidelines can be found here.

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